June 2015

Dear Prospective Sacred Dance Family,

I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach sacred dance at Parkside Academy of Music and Dance in the Fall!

From a young age I have been drawn to the art of dancing. I was six years old when I took my first ballet class at Radomile Academy of Dance in Havertown, PA and over the next twelve years I received valuable instruction there from wonderful and veteran teachers. During four of those years I performed in the student ballet company and gained experience as an assistant teacher. In addition to my training at Radomile I got to choreograph and teach dances for an elementary age Christmas play and participate and teach at various summer dance camps. However, I often wanted there to be more of a purpose to my dancing than just putting on a good show and being the best I could be. This desire led me to pursue sacred dance upon graduating high school which I did with Donna FitzPatrick and at the Good Samaritan Dance Academy while completing an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. In sacred dance, I found the ability to dance with a purpose outside of myself that I had longed for.

So, what can you expect in my classes? Through basic ballet, lyrical movement, and story-telling, there are three concepts I hope to be able teach your child(ren):

  1. To tell a story without words – The combination of music and motion can be a powerful thing and dancers have a unique platform to convey stories and emotions with their body instead of words. With this combination we can communicate aspects of God’s character and the good news of the Gospel in new and different ways.
  2. To glorify God – Dance is a wonderful way to praise the Lord but it can also be tempting to do it for the praise of man. However, our ability to dance is a gift from the Lord and through it we can learn and experience how bringing honor and glory to God is what we were made to do.
  3. To pursue excellence – Our love and desire to honor God should motivate us to develop our skills to the best of our ability. Nothing in God’s creation is left incomplete and we should desire to do the same in our work.

The gift of dance is a wonderful art form and I look forward to having the opportunity to teach it to your children. Together they will learn to use dance to tell the good news of the Gospel and bring honor to God.

In Christ,

Ruth Feldman