Stacie danced the role of “Odette” in our production of “Swan Lake” this past June 2015. ¬†She has been a student of Parkide Academy since she was 5 years old.

Personal Letter from Stacie all about her experience in Mississippi this past July:

This summer I went to my very first ballet intensive at Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, Mississippi for four weeks. There I got to improve my technical dance training as well as learn how I can bring glory to God through my dancing! The very first day of my intensive we had a placement class which determined what level we were in for the four weeks. A typical day at my intensive included chapel every morning, ballet technique class, either a pointe, contemporary, or improv class depending on the day, Variations class, and a bible study at night. In variations class we learned a dance from one of Ballet Magnificat’s ballets to be performed at the Student Gala at the end of each 2 weeks. Also, one of the weekends at my intensive we had the opportunity to watch company performances which was extremely inspiring!

That being said, my schedule was very busy during my time there and I learned a lot of life skills and what it’s like to dance every single day! I learned the importance of taking care of your body, the amount of hard work and daily dedication that is required of a ballet dancer, and to always remember the reason why I dance. One of the most important things I developed was a stronger relationship with God which is so important to me! I had such an amazing time meeting all new friends and people from all over the country and it was an experience I’ll never forget!


A few of Stacie’s favorite photographs from her wonderful four week experience featuring many of the students she met and danced with:


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Stacie dancing the role of "Odette" in our production of "Swan Lake" this past June 2015.

Stacie dancing the role of “Odette” in our production of “Swan Lake” this past June 2015.