With recital ending over a month ago, I feel that I can now adequately write this without feeling too sad about my time coming to an end at Parkside Academy. I guarantee this will be sappy and sentimental (and quite long), but it all comes from my heart. 13 years of my life were spent here and I could not be more grateful for everything I learned at PAMD. And I could not thank my teachers enough who instructed and guided me every step of the way. Thank you, Laura Thomas Dutton, Sarah Serratore, Tamera Dallam, & Pamela Dimeler for helping me find my passion for dance. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for seeing potential within me when I could not see it. Thank you for teaching me that hard work truly does pay off. Thank you for allowing me to share my creativity and passion with you and for the opportunities you gave me. Thank you for teaching me that I can be whatever I want to be with dedication and determination. Thank you for teaching me to never give up, even when things get hard and I get frustrated with myself. And thank you for being amazing women and dancers that I can look up to. Not only have you taught me how to dance, but you have taught me valuable life lessons.
Reflecting on the things I accomplished here at PAMD is heartbreaking because I miss each experience dearly. I never thought the day would come that I would have to say goodbye to it all. It is sad that I won’t be there next year for the first week of classes, that I won’t be there for “parts” day, for long Saturdays preparing for Nutcracker or Access Broadway, for picking out costumes for each dance, for Sarah’s legendary warm ups. But I know that adventure is out there and that I have been equipped with everything I need to move on to the next chapter of life. PAMD will forever be my home, my place of safety, comfort, and love. Thank you for the memories and good times. And sorry this is so long”We say goodbye, we hold on tight, to these memories that never die.”

Stacie Preuhs