33 W. Roland Rd, Parkside 19015

Parkside Academy was previously a fire house, catering facility and community church. Our parking lot entrance is partly visible on the left, and is on Roland Road. Additional parking is along the right side of the building, neighboring the Firehouse. You may also park on the left side of Roland Rd. or on Norfolk Avenue.





Studio A is one of two studios. This was the original dance studio in 1986. It is 53′ by 24′, but the dancing area is roughly 38′ by 24′, with a 10′ ceiling and 36′ of mirrors. There is observation seating (see middle picture) for up to 5 persons. A camera is placed in the studio for viewing the class via closed-circuit in our Lower Level Waiting Room, where you can observe your child’s class. You can enter this studio by the main entrance or from Studio B, and there are doors that lead into the Music Studio and Office (lower picture.)



The original firehouse housed a fire truck and ambulance. Studio B is the result of renovating this area in 1992. It is 27′ by 35′ with a ceiling that is split between 10′ and 13′ high and has 32′ of mirrors. This studio is below the parking lot level, but is street level on the Norfolk Road side, where there is an emergency exit. It can be accessed from Studio A but students and parents should enter from the Lower Level Waiting Room. This studio is used for ballet levels 1 – 3, as it has a SpringStepĀ© floor that softens impact and adds “spring” in leaps. Class viewing can be done via closed-circuit TV or (with teachers permission) from within Studio B.



basement2 basement


The Lower Level Waiting Room is where parents can wait while their children dance. Students and parents should proceed directly down from the main entrance stairs to this area. In one corner, there is a Tot Area, in which your young children may play under your supervision. In another corner, you can watch your other children dancing in either Studio Aor B through the closed circuit television system on the new flatscreen TVs. The dressing room facilities and powder room are located on this level. This room can be used for celebrations and parties.



The Music Studio is accessed through the door from Studio A, to the right of the Office door. The studio has an insulated interior false wall and pocket door which helps to reduce any sound from Studio A. The piano is a studio upright Kawaii, model G3.

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The Office is accessible from Studio A and is usually open during studio class hours to receive tuition or for general inquiries.