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  • How long is your dance season? When does it begin and end?
    Our season runs on a school year calendar. We start the first Monday after Labor Day and run through mid June. We also offer summer classes and camps for all ages.
  • Do you have to perform in the end of year recital?
    Performance in the recital is not mandatory. Dances are rehearsed during class time. If you choose not to be in the recital you may still purchase the costume and participate in the class photo.
  • Does it matter what type/brand of shoes you get?
    We do not specify a “brand” but we do have a dress code and required shoes for each class. All pointe shoes must be personally checked by Miss Laura prior to sewing. Please see the attire section for the dress code for specific class information.
  • Where can I buy dance shoes?
    Dance shoes should be purchased from a dance store! We do NOT recommend buying them from a regular shoe store such as Payless. Please see our Dance Supplies page for a list of local stores.
  • Can you make up missed dance classes?
    Yes, classes may be made up if you are absent or if the studio is closed due to weather. When the studio is closed for Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring Break classes can not be made up as this is part of our regular calendar schedule. Make up classes should be done as soon as possible after the missed class. Please see your instructor for class options.
  • How do I determine what level I should register for my child for?
    The majority of classes are determined by grade. Special consideration is given for older beginners and transfer students. In the upper levels, students are placed by ability. Students may be asked to take a free “placement class” to decide which level is best for them.
  • When is the deadline to sign up?
    The deadline to enroll for the season is the first week of December.
  • Are there adult classes?
    We currently offer Adult classes, a beginner and advanced levet. Adult is age 12 and up!
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